Open call: A million-dollar search for university-born blockchain platform projects

Rough Draft Ventures' $1M search for university-born blockchain scalability, diversity, custody, privacy, and interoperability solutions. 


With each new technology platform, meaningful companies have emerged from universities.

Blockchain should be no different.

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Blockchain has the potential to become the most transformative and facilitating innovation of our lifetime: 


It enables a global economy, demands transparency, lowers costs, expand opportunity, and empowers consumers to control their digital identities. 


Still, there are fundamental bottlenecks holding back blockchain innovation: 


Only 5–7% of crypto currency users are women. The industry needs to welcome, enable, and empower more women and minorities to participate in this emerging ecosystem. We are excited to support more women and minority founders building on the blockchain, category-agnostic. 


Current distributed consensus ledgers are slow, have limited throughput, and face rising transaction costs. We need a faster, more scalable solution.  


Blockchain promises identity protection, yet most mainstream ledgers are psuedononymous at best. Public ledgers can be easily de-anonymized. “Psuedo” privacy is not enough when it comes to managing sensitive medical, financial, and legal information — industries that have the opportunity to be significantly transformed by blockchain. We need a solution that ensures critical information is secured and respected.  


This guy lost $75M in bitcoin when he lost his hard drive because there’s no good way to store your crypto. Consumers and institutional investors alike need a more user-friendly, cross-exchange, secure solution for managing their crypto assets.  


The current blockchain state of affairs is increasingly specialized — there’s one chain for medical data, one for financial data, one for manufacturing data, and so forth. It’s currently technically challenging to build across multiple chains, limiting the complexity of potential applications. To unlock the most innovative company creation, developers will need to more easily access information across multiple chains.  


We are launching a $1M search for university projects/companies that address blockchain's critical bottlenecks. 

If you are a student working on a project or research that addresses one of these bottlenecks, apply by April 15th for the opportunity to pitch RDV for up to $1M in funding.